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About 1254 Squadron

1254 Squadron is based in Farncombe (Godalming) on Hallam Road and we meet twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday evening between 19.00 and 21.30hrs.

We have a balanced mix of young men and women of a wide age range.  Many of our cadets form lasting friendships that flourish outside of the Squadron and well into adulthood.

Our adult staff are committed, enthusiastic and professional in all they do to support, encourage and instruct cadets. We also have a strong Civilian Committee who work hard to support the Squadron.


1254 Squadron gets involved with as many activities as possible including overseas trips for cadets. What you chose to do (beyond drill and basic training) is up to you, but whatever the activity you will be well trained and encouraged. Obviously we don’t have a lot of skiing locally, however we are geographically well placed for easy access to river activities, shooting, flying, sports and camps. We are fortunate to be surrounded by plenty of countryside and we make the most of it!

Flying and shooting remain the most popular core activities for air cadets with flying being that which marks us out from the other services’ cadet corps. You will get to fly and for free. Nowhere else offers this unique experience.

We have regular shooting competitions, often over full weekends that include accommodation and food.

In the community

There are certain events in the Squadron calendar that give cadets a high profile in the local community. Two important occasions are the Battle of Britain Parade at Pirbright and the Remembrance Day Parade through Godalming, both of which all cadets are expected to attend.

Others include a cadet-run fund raising activity over the Christmas holidays (fund raising is ordinarily the responsibility of the Civilian Committee) and promotional appearances at the Godalming spring and summer fetes. There is also usually a recruitment event held locally once a year. Help with these events is voluntary.

Read the Squadron’s mission statement here